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Our Workshops

Meditation and stress management workshop
18 & 19 December
On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 December 2021. Come and enjoy this workshop to relax and empower your daily life.
Delivered workshop with tool box
Release the anxiety & stress due to COVID Time
Contact us for a quote. And Help your employees , your students to get back their full potential, their full concentration on their work and release their anxiety and Stress due to the Covid situation.
Yoga and Meditation workshop
24 to 28 December 21
From 24 to 28 December 2021
Practice & be Happy , is a Mini Yoga and Meditation workshop ( resident or non-resident) organized by Holistic a health care unit of Auroville
NLP Introduction
30-31st December & 2nd Jan. 21
NLP Introduction A 3 Days Training to get the basic understanding and tools from NLP - Certified Training
NLP Practionner
10 to 16 April 2021
NLP Introduction A 7 Days Course to get a deep understanding and tools from NLP - Certified Training - For Professionals
De-Stress your mind and relax your body: Scientific Meditation with sound healing
Book your journey for A wonderful session of meditation with scientific tools.   Last 1h15 Min. To relax Deeply and u lock any emotional blockage
Be Happy & successful
Our Wellbeing workshop
Workshops can each stand alone as half day or one day events; however for maximized life-changing impact, a series of workshops can be custom designed for you or your enterprise
Set up a Stress Management Program
Contact us to discover our program
Arm your employees with science-backed emotional fitness skills so they can better manage stress, avoid burnout, and fuel their capacity to thrive through change and uncertainty
Vocal Yoga Workshops: A way towards Conscious Breathing and Sounding- From 15 January only
Our Workshops Vocal Yoga Workshops: A way towards Conscious Breathing and