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Nos Ateliers

Meditation and stress management workshop FR

On saturday 4th and sunday 5th december 2021. Come and enjoy this workshop to relax and empower your daily life

Yoga and Meditation workshop FR

From 24 to 28 December 2021 Practice & be Happy , is a Mini Yoga and Meditation workshop ( resident or non-resident) organized by Holistic a health care unit of

NLP Introduction & Practitioner Certification FR

NLP Introduction & Practitionner Trainning A 7 Days Training to get tools from NLP - Certified Training From 26 to 31st December 2021 Learn NLP skills and insights. After this

De-Stress your mind and relax your body: Scientific Meditation with sound healing FR

Check  if seats are still available for your session.  Last 1h15 Min. Dates: From 25/09/2021- Every Saturday: 4:00 PM & Sunday at 11:00 AM

Be Happy & successful Our Wellbeing workshop FR

Nos Ateliers Be Happy & successful Our Wellbeing workshop How to be Happy & successful Workshop & Training for Individual or groups. Workshops can each stand alone as half day

Stress Management workshop FR

Nos Ateliers Stress Management workshop Stress & Burnout In our programs, we teach practical andmindfulness skills for stress management thatcan be applied directly at work and in life. Outcomes: Like