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Our Workshops

How to be Happy & successful

Our Wellbeing Workshop Half day/One day or 2 days event. Contact us for more details

Workshop & Training for Individual or groups.

Workshops can each stand alone as half day or one day events; however for maximized life-changing impact, a series of workshops can be custom designed for you or your enterprise. A comprehensive training combines the workshop topics and delves deeply into the science and application of living happy and getting the success we all want.

Mindfulness at work, in play, and for life
Science of Happiness
Proven happiness-building techniques
Making Positive Change — personally and corporately


Explores the science of what is happening in our brains, and how this effects our behaviour. Understand the causes, effects, and long-term implications. Learn tools that are easy to implement to move from not just coping but flourishing.

Our workshop Combining the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness.

The program can include: Mindful meditation/ Scientific meditation/ Talk sessions and exercises/ Yoga for Body awareness.