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Free your mind and body with our pick of inspiring yoga trips, meditation breaks and fitness holidays in AUROVILLE, INDIA

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Awareness development Retreat –

Ready for a life-changing experience.
It’s time to live life your way!

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 Do you want more mind power, trust, creativity, understanding, awareness, motivation, direction and clarity?

Allow your ever enhancing awareness to expand you creativity, intuition and connection with consciousness.
let today be the day.

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat Overview

If you are a group or an organisation, and you want we help you to organize a retreat ( Theme: Yoga, or/and Meditation/ or and/scientific Meditation/ Or Healing and Self-development ) In AUROVILLE or in SPITI VALLEY ( Himalaya- India) . You are in the GOOD PLACE. Send us a mail with your project .
Language available: English, Hindi, French

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