Vocal Yoga Workshops: A way towards Conscious Breathing and Sounding

                       Vocal Yoga Workshops  & Classes

A way towards Conscious
Breathing and Sounding


If you feel yourself
interested or attracted by the exploration of one or more of these questions:


What is the true nature of
the relationship am I experiencing with my own voice?

Is it reflecting accurately
what I perceive from within or is it sounding like someone else’s voice?

Is it expressing closely
what I feel or on the contrary is escaping, avoiding or muzzling itself?

And, is it free to sing,
shout or whisper without limitations?

The practice of Vocal Yoga is an
invitation to keep you connected with yourself in order to explore the deep
impacts of sounds and vocal expression on your inner balance.

It realigns and re tunes your physical body as a musical instrument, allowing your true self to manifest naturally his/her inner/ psychic reality.

On Workshops: A one day workshop to:

Explore the essential link existing between conscious breathing and voice. Discover Nada & Bija Mantra Yoga’s Vocal practices in order to learn how to harmonize mind, emotional, physical and psychic’s bodies. Connect with spontaneous joy during improvisation circle

Fee: 1500rs (GST included)     Timings: 9am till 5pm, lunch break 12.30 – 2pm

Dates  14 December 2019/  11 January 2020/ 15 February 2020/  21 March 2020/  18 April 2020

Venue: Ikaroma Studio, in New Creation 

Community ( Pink House opp Guest Kitchen ).










 On Ikaroma: An Introspective Music Recital


A musical invitation for an inner journey
induced by the relaxing sounds of resonating instruments and the inspirational
otpi-mystic singing of Caroline.

Specifically created to allow auditors to
experience sounds vibrations as vehicles for self-exploration and doors’
openers on transcendence, Ikaroma creates a space where Yoga Nidra meets
mystical music.


Every Monday from 5 to 6 pm

Fee: 400 rs per concert ( GST included )

For registration : Caroline :
or [email protected]

Venue: Ikaroma Studio, in New Creation Community opp
Guest Kitchen



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