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Only Destination To Meet Your Mind-Body & Soul

Holistic Christine is a health care unit of Auroville. It is our goal to promote and enable self-health and healing through the mindful practice of yoga, scientific meditation, NLP, Accupressure method and hypnotheraphy and other. Holistic offers a Spritual – Scientific – Natural therapy workshop and classes for healing and treatment suitable to different needs. Only destination to meet your MIND – BODY – SOUL    


The information is aimed to equip clients with the tools needed to begin a personal journey of wellness and to continue on exploring their health through our series of workshops… Read More

Holistic programs for self-empowerment and personal growth, the classes’ open up the possibility of living life to your fullest human potential – a potential modern physicists and psychologists say is almost unlimited… Read More

All our practitioners are fully qualified and experienced in their field of therapy. At Holistic, we aim to provide our clients with effective, therapeutic treatments that are carried out in a calm and relaxing environment…. Read More




Psychotherapist: for children and adults.  The treatment involves therapeutic conversations and interactions between a therapist and a child or family. It can help children and families understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes in their lives... Read More


Vocal Yoga Classes : A practice to explore the positive and healing power of conscious sounds via Nada & Bija Mantra Yoga… Read More 


-Therapies: Hypnotherapy , Chakras Healing  –Qualification: -Hypnotherapist (Certified Integrated clinical… Read More


It is this wonderful sound healing experience and exploration that he  invites you to share with him  in Holistic… Read More


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