I came here in Auroville to meet Christine & Mradul and follow an healing program with them for 2 months.

I was very damaged before coming in Auroville with Alcohol Addiction. I follow the program she design for me, strictly as she asked and she insisted about that. It has been hard at the beginning and now i m feeling i reborn and i had never felt so good. She helped me to become more conscious about my destructive pattern and discover my trauma. It has been a deep and long work. And i wished to anyone to have the chance to work with them as their are so professional, so supportive and they know exactly what to do to help me to see what i was needed to do. I know the process is not fully finished, i need to be very attentive now about my toughts and my emotions and to stick to the different practices they taught me.

Arihant, 24 YO- Mombay