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Energy Work & Healing Massage FR

Therapies Chakra Healing With Christine Pauchard Private sessions and workshops Chakras healing session last 2h. Our Bodies have numerous energy centers that move like a wheel and hence called Chakras.

Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy FR

Therapies Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy – Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy With Christine Pauchard Hypnosis is a method by which a consenting person may be guided into an altered state of

Mindful-Technique FR

Sound healing with scientific meditation sessions: Sound has been a very vital tool for healing Mind, Body & Soul. With Exclusive Scientific Music based Therapies available in Holistic.

Health & wellness coaching program & Healing program FR

Therapies Health & wellness coaching program & Healing program Health & wellness coaching program: 5 days to one week is customize to help the person to understand who she is,

Personal development with NLP FR

Therapies Personal development with NLP Personal development with NLP Sessions with Christine NLP, meaning neuro-linguistic program is a tool developed by psychologists and indicated to determine the mapping of the