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Nos Ateliers

NLP Introduction & Practitionner Trainning

A 7 Days Training to get tools from NLP - Certified Training

Learn NLP skills and insights. After this 3 days your NLP can then be used anywhere & for your personal development.

  • Develop a better understanding of what makes you ‘tick’by working at the deepest level of the Psyche.
  • Better understand why the people in your life behave as they do.
  • Recognise your own out-of-date responses to situations and people – and begin losing these.
  • Develop skills to change your moods and your reactions.

You want to know yourself better, unlock the immense potential within, or achieve a goal, or even clarify where you are, now, in your own life

Learn tools to understand yourself, the others and open yourself to a larger world.Learn tools to communicate on a more efficient way.
Stop repeating same mistakes, change your behaviors change your life…

Through the way we communicate, we can understand how we see the world , how we analyze it and how we reply to it. NLP tools are made for discover step by step how our brain is working, what are the behaviors and patterns stock in our unconscious and that we use every day to face our life. And to change them if there are useless or if we want to become more efficient regarding our profession or to become aware of our limiting mechanisms and achieve our goal