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Chakra healing with a Deep relaxation session

With Christine Pauchard

Private sessions and workshops

Chakras healing session last 2h.

Our Bodies have numerous energy centers that move like a wheel and hence called Chakras.The chakras respond to our thought processes and there is a corresponding thought processes for every chakra.Our thoughts or thinking patterns affect our emotions (how we feel), these emotions in turn affect the energy field of our body, and finally this field of energy generates changes in either our physical body or our physical space.

It is possible to determinate the functioning of the 7 Major Chakras and 250 + Minor Chakras. Using the relevant affirmations, it is possible to heal each chakra and hence heal physical, mental and emotional states. This include: health enhancement, personal growth enhancement, instant pain relief, greater emotional balance, creates an in-depth understanding of ‘Self’ and others around, understanding relationship dynamics, gives your career a boost, brings clarity in understanding Life Plan and life patterns, greater emotional balance.