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Awareness and consciousness development classes

After spending considerable time and energy in healing people and analyse the process of implementing new program more efficient i realize that must be increase the self-awareness process of the individual . If we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and development, then we must acknowledge the value of self-awareness as an important precursor to learning effectiveness. And bring significant and powerfull change in your life.

The 1st Level training is including  4 classes –

The same program is offered on individual bases on your own convenience and can be followed on 4 consecutive days.
Individual session will allow us to customize the sessions and adapt it more to your personality and your actual needs.

The purpose of this batch can be too, to define the goal you want to reach regarding yourself, your personal and professional life. And so far as never achieve.

During the course we will see the basis of the brain functioning based on neurosciences and NLP. Awareness of your pattern and how you built them and how you can change them.