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Vocal Yoga classes

A way towards Conscious: Breathing and Sounding

In a Vocal Yoga class you will learn how to be an instrument, how to be fully in healing vibration and how to let go of any blocks that have limited your resonance potential. Sound healing has become very popular, but without the inclusion of the voice you can only scratch the surface of your healing potential.

If you feel yourself interested or attracted by the exploration of one or more of these questions:

What is the true nature of the relationship am I experiencing with my own voice?

Is it reflecting accurately what I perceive from within or is it sounding like someone else’s voice?

Is it expressing closely what I feel or on the contrary is escaping, avoiding or muzzling itself?

And, is it free to sing, shout or whisper without limitations?

The practice of Vocal Yoga is an invitation to keep you connected with yourself in order to explore the deep impacts of sounds and vocal expression on your inner balance.

It realigns and retunes your physical body as a musical instrument, allowing your true self to manifest naturally his/her inner/ psychic reality.

On Collective Classes:

A collective class to explore the positive and healing power of conscious sounds via Nada & Bija Mantra Yoga, to give a “body” to your vocal expression through conscious breathing and to harmonize your self through voice from anatomic to psychic level.

Fee: 400rs (GST included)

Timings: Every Thursday 5pm till 6:30pm from December 2020

Venue: Tibetan Pavilion

On Individual Classes:

Particular sessions are an opportunity to define the contours of each person’s unique needs, in order to establish an appropriate voice and respiratory roadmap. A great place is given to conscious breathing as it allows, in addition to technical and psychological aspects of vocal work, to move towards an integral expression. A specific attention is paid to vocal health.

Fee: 1250 rs per class ( GST included )

Timings for appointments: From 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Venue: Ikaroma Studio, in New Creation Community ( Pink House opp Guest Kitchen )