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Health & wellness coaching program & Healing program

Health & wellness coaching program:

5 days to one week is customize to help the person to understand who she is, what are their resources and weakness on the physical level, emotional level and psychic level.

The program include : 5 one to one talk session and acupressure massage It will facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging the person to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action, and start to be in contact with his (her) own body’s healing abilities.

For whom: anyone stuck in his or her life and looking for the next steps to take but do niot know how to do so, General Anxiety Disorder, Sleeping disorder, anyone who want to enhance his ( or her) relationship ( bad-breaking relationship, no relationship) Healing program: 2 weeks to one month one to one talk sessions , 1 acupressure massage, 1 AMI test + sessions of scientific meditation with sound healing, meditation. And follow ups. A customize program adapted to the symptoms and the profile of the person to heal Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, Sleeping disorder, COD, schizophrenia, Bipolarity disorder