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Our Classes & well-being sessions

Ashtanga Yoga Classes - Mysore Style

Following the Teaching Of Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois
Classes are for Beginners and advanced Students.

My classes are For students interested to learn the science of Yoga and understand the all system as teached by krishnamacharya and by Sharath Jois from Patthabis Jois institute. My purpose as my teachers is not to fulfill the ego or to be an activity to distract, my purpose is to teach as the tradition wanted and to help each student to understand the discipline and rules, and their benefits.

Ashtanga yoga include 8 limbs: and every student while practicing the Asanas must be aware about Yama and Nyama. Our teaching is to help each student through the study and understanding of the system to go over their fear, to increase their equanimity to be able to purify their body for the ultimate goal which is to be a tool for the Divine. (ultimate goal!)

Ashtanga Classes-

Classes at 7:30 AM
Every days except Sundays, Full moon and New moons days 

With Christine Pauchard

Led class on Mondays & Saturdays at 7.30 Am. You must reach the spot 10 min before.

Location: Kuilapalayam Studio. 


Full Moon         New moon
Mon 20/09        Tues 07/09
Wed 20/10         Wed 06/10
Friday 19/11        Thu 04/11
Sunday 19/12       Sat 04/12

Ashtanga Yoga Practice:

From Monday  to Friday: the format of the practice always remains the same; one always begins practice on his own with Surya Namaskar, concludes with Padmasana and rest, and the various asanas gradually fill the space between these two poles It is through the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga that we draw it into ourselves, understand it.
On  Saturdays, group guided classes are taught, in which all the vinyasas are counted out loud and all students follow along together accordingly.