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Workshops and classes are proposed by Caroline, certified Vocal YogaVY teacher since 2009 and performer from France. Caroline studied theatre and clown in Paris before moving to India in 1999 where she is still living, in Auroville. She studied and practiced several vocal approaches as Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound), Bel Canto lyric vocal technique, Jazz and Holistic singing. The exchanges she has been able to foster with her teachers, as well as the practice with musicians who consider music above all as an instrument of consciousness at the service or the soul, have greatly influenced her, radically changing her way of singing and living music. In this spirit, she created Ikaroma, an Instrospective Music Recital where Yoga Nidra meets Inspirational Singing:

Caroline is attracted by the exploration of conscious breathing and sounding on physical and psychic health and bears, during her teaching, a very great interest in the health of vocal cords and diaphragm.

Classes and workshop:
Vocal Yoga : A practice to explore the positive and healing power of conscious sounds via Nada & Bija…

Vocal yoga classes collective

Vocal yoga classes on Individual Classes:  Particular sessions are an opportunity to define the contours of each person’s unique needs, in order to establish an appropriate voice and respiratory roadmap.

Vocal Yoga Workshops: from 1 day to 5 days: A way towards Conscious Breathing and Sounding