Ashtanga Yoga – Mysore Style

My classes are For students interested to learn the science of Yoga and understand the all system as teached by krishnamacharya and by Sharath Jois from Patthabis Jois institute. My purpose as my teachers is not to fulfill the ego or to be an activity to distract, my purpose is to teach as the tradition wanted and to help each student to understand the discipline and rules, and their benefits. 

Ashtanga yoga include 8 limbs: and every student while practicing the Asanas must be aware about Yama and Nyama. Our teaching is to help each student through the study and  understanding of the system to go over their fear, to increase their equanimity to be able to purify their body for the ultimate goal which is to be a tool for the Divine. (ultimate goal!)  

For any class you want to participate, you have to registered

For more info & booking :91-9489805493
or [email protected]

Ashtanga Classes-
Every days except Sundays/ Full moon and new moon Days 
At 7:30 AM 

Led class on Saturday at 7.30 Am. You must reach the spot 10 min before.
With Christine Pauchard

 No class for full Moon and New moon: 

 Wednesday, December 25

10 january 
24 January 

9 February 
23 february 

9 March
24 March 

8 April 
23 April

LOcation: At Taramangaling (How to get there. Explanation at the bottom of the page) 
2 minutes after Botanical Garden if you come from Auroville

15 minutes from Pondy

Contact: 91-9489805493 Or  by mail 

Ashtanga  Yoga Practice:  

 From Monday to Friday: the format of the practice always remains the same; one always begins practice on his own with Surya Namaskar, concludes with Padmasana and rest, and the various asanas gradually fill the space between these two poles It is through the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga that we draw it into ourselves, understand it.
On Saturdays, group guided classes are taught, in which all the vinyasas are counted out loud and all students follow along together accordingly.

 Christine was born in France in 1967. After completing her studies as Nurse in 1988, she started working as a nurse and soon started

 travelling in India seeking “for the truth” through pilgrims around Rishikesh

A few years later with the financial support of sponsors she  crossed  The Himalays with horses from Kathmandu to Srinagar for 8 month, later on, she followed the Mekong river from his stream in Tibet ( Xining- Kham) though South east of Tibet, Yunnan, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodge.

In 1995 She created Orient explorers a tourism and travelling association and worked within until 2002. She came across Vipassana meditation  and decided to settle in Auroville in 2002,  an intentional spiritual community located in South India.

In 2004, after two years studying  Hatha Yoga and Yengar, she discovered  Ashtanga Yoga  and started to  study with Monica Marinoni until 2016 and  since 2007  under the guidance of Sri Sharath Jois  (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’grandson)  at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.
In 2010 she opened “ Yoga et Bien-etre”, where she was teaching for 4 years, running Hatha Yoga class evenings  and daily Mysore style program in the mornings. And the last year, she started to offer workshops on Yoga and meditation including Satsang about Yoga sutra, relaxation and pranayama.
For 13 years she studied the yoga through her own daily practise and teaching, the mind through regular and repetitive meditation retreats, she gave importance to the sadhana, she learned more about the body through her training and experience in Thai yoga massage and about the mind through her training and practise in NLP (sessions, workshop) .   

With deep gratitude and respect she shares the primary series teachings as she has been taught by Monica Marinoni and Sri Sharath Jois.

How to reach Taramangaling:

From Auroville: From auroville Main Village kuilapalayam, follow 3 kms the main road passing the restaurant Tantoo, . 100m after Aromas garden, there is a big green and white water  Tank on your left side and the UDavi school crossing (edayanchavadi) .  Take the muddy path which is in front of UDavi school and go staight. Pass Adventure, botanical garden and go always straight. Cross the big grass field. After Skandavan, 3rd red gate on the left

From Pondicherry: From Ginger restaurant witch is on karuvadikuppam take airport’s direction- At the circle take straight karuvadikuppam main road. You will pass by in front of a dentist clinic , go straight .


one road on the left go to airport. Leave it. Take the road in the middle which go along the left side of GVM labo
2/ karuvadikuppam road- go straight in front of this dental clinic. 50 meters after you have three roads.
3/ After taken the road which go along the GVM lab , just at the beginning, you can check you are on the good road by noticing on your right side, this brown gate written ” SENIOR ACCOUNTANTS OFFICERS
4/ go all times straight. At a moment you will see on your left the temple “OM SHAKTI NAGAR”. Stay straight.
5/You will reach this crossing with the blue board ” Nagamman nagar” on your left and ” Shanmuga nagar” on the right. Take the road in the middle muddy road on the left 2 m away
 You follow a wall ” photography no allowed ” for 5 minutes, just after a field of cashew with a yellow gate on your right ,  you see on your right  two local house: one with a fence and a red roof and one with the wall painted with clear blue and yellow. Just 2 to 5 meters after you will discover the muddy path which is on your right. take it

You will cross a land grass , you cross three building, in front of you you can see electrical high voltage pole. Keep the main muddy path, more or less straight. Not far after you see bougainvillea, almost there. gate taramangaling-You will find this red gate on your right side. Come in.


mandapam-This Mandapam   is our Shala. Bring your mat. your towel, water to drink.

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