Yoga workshop- 19 to 23 Feb 2017& 1st to 5th march 2018



 The purpose of this 4 days workshop is to help you to find more stability in your emotions and more peace inside.

We will do yoga asanas, breathing exercices, pranayama,  Patanjali yoga sutra reading ( yoga philosophy), some meditation and relaxation. And explore the limitations of our body (and mind).

Registration by mail:

From 8.00 am to 12.00

To give you a taste  of deep yoga: Yama, Nyama, concentration and the philosophy  which lead to Pratyahara

(Pratyahara leads the mind inwards, preparing it for meditation. In pratyahara, the mind is withdrawn from the senses and the sense objects, yet remaining fully aware of the inner processes. Pratyahara is the stage between externalizing and internalizing the mind.)
Venue: Sharnga guest-house, Auroville



  • Thank you Christine. the workshop was a wonderful combination of Asanas, meditation with some theory, I needed this kind of technicality for the postures. It was challenging, yet quite revealing inter me my limitations and how mutch further I can go. For the Theory I have liked the explanation about yoga sutras, perhaps I would have liked some little more details and I am very happy to have been part of this workshop. Swati , from Pondicherry

  • Yoga and meditation workshop from 11 to 15 January. I really enjoy the asanas part and the adjustments you were giving. You have a great energy. Personnali Y prefer to do Pranayama and meditation before doing asanas- But that is it! Thank you so much!! Eva from California

  • Yoga and meditation workshop from 11 to 15 january with Christine. Fine Balance between the exercise and the meditation. Nice it is from 8 to 12 noon, one can still do things the rest of the day. Always very good to learn and improve. Thank you Christine, Namaste. Manish from Chennai

  • Merci beaucoup Christine pour ces 5 jours. La maniere dont tu enseignes m’a beaucoup plus. Tu respectes parfaitement le rythme et les aptitudes de chacun, en prenant soin tout de meme que chacun progresse. Je vais essayer d’appliquer le tout a la maison. Merci. Ellina From switzerland

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