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Yoga & Meditation

Dive deeper into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga along with Scientific Meditation

Delicious Meal

Every day you will be treated to delicious organic vegetarian meals.


Clean and comfortable accommodations with all necessary services. Luxurious acco. available on demand

Auroville Retreat hosts programs that are designed to nurture your Mind-Body-Soul.

Through a variety of mediums, our retreats facilitates a harmonious blend between your body and mind. With practice, exploration and a deepened sense of awareness, you will gain a renewed vitality for your personal and professional life.

Our group retreats give you the opportunity to explore interests with people from around the world, while our individual retreats offer one-on-one attention with the facilitator.

During the retreat we will dive deeper into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga along with Scientific Meditation with exclusive Sound Frequencies composed by Neuroscientists.

Your day starts with the practice of the primary series, followed by intense relaxation and deep discussion on the Yoga Sutra and practical approach of Life with Multiple Intelligent.

Relax by our swimming pool or read a book in a hammock in the garden. Enjoy and explore the beautiful beaches and the amazing nature surrounding the yoga villa. Every day you will be treated to delicious organic vegetarian meals.

Young Yogi & Mindfulness Yoga Retreat

Give yourself time to a rejuvenate your MIND-BODY-SOUL during this beautiful yoga retreat in Auroville, India.

We will go through the foundations of yoga and mindfulness meditation throughout the week, with yoga classes and workshops daily.

In the morning we move through dynamic yoga flows that are balanced by deep relaxation. In the afternoon we practice relaxing Young yoga or dive deeper into the practice through a workshop.

Enjoy this week filled with yoga and mindfulness, while surrounded by the beauty of nature and the stunning beaches of India


Young Yoga is deeply stimulating and very relaxing for body and mind. We practice relaxing long held ground postures to stimulate and balance the flow of energy in the connective tissues of the body. We learn to embrace the present moment and be in peace with ourselves.

YOGI Style is a dynamic yoga practice in which we use posture, breath, rhythm and repetition. The practice stimulates overall health, strengthens the body and calms the nervous system. It is a method for spiritual practice through the physical body. Young yoga can be gentle, very intense or anywhere in between.

Young Yogi Yoga combined has the best of both worlds. Using rhythm and repetition part of the practice and the relaxing but long held postures in the other part, we create a perfect balance. Young Yogi Christine Yoga  is deeply stimulating, energizing, soothing and very relaxing for body and mind.

Mindfulness training is a powerful practice for self-transformation and spiritual growth. We sit, observe and be with whatever arises using mindfulness techniques. Soon we start to experience moments of quietness inside. During the retreat, we share the tools of mindfulness.