woga 2017- At Srima- 19&20 March 2018-Registration at [email protected]


Srima- 19 &20 March 2018 At Sri- Ma – Auroville

with Petra Buschfeld WOGA® instructor and WABA registered teacher

Traditional Asanas, Pranayama and relaxation techniques
modified to be practised in warm water. Asana are divided
into 3 sections:
Standing, Floating and Underwater

The warm water oasis offers an environment where deeper
relaxation and meditative states are entered.

A deeper sense of joy is entered.
Due to the decreased effect of gravity flexibility increases,
articulation can be freed, muscles melt and lengthen and the
whole being becomes more fluid.

A 2 DAY Intensive Learning – 6 HOURS PER DAY
@Srima- Auroville

CONTACT : contact@auroville-holistic.com

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