Who We Are

Holistic is an Health care  unit of Auroville

The team and its Therapeutic practice, motivation, purpose and goal follow the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Integral Yoga implies seeing ones role as a therapist as a catalyst, trusting the inherent knowing and source of healing in each human being. The intention of therapy is  to activate the body’s self-healing processes, leading to an integrated re-alignment and balance on all levels of the being – mind,
emotion, body and spirit.

Christine with her back ground as nurse keep the same motivation: helping others to feel better, recovering health ( physical &/or emotional) find a balance in their life, realize peace and happiness and even if the persons are open to it, support them on the spiritual path taught by integral Yoga

She choose the therapist with whom she works with all these priorities  and one more which is a good qualification ( diploma or degree from affiliated university and registration with Medical Council for medical or para-medical Treatment and certification for therapist or facilitator)  and confirmed experience in the field the therapist will work .

Their professional profiles & Diploma  are showcased on our website.

Holistic  – Christine  offers a wide variety of retreats, Intensives, seminars and therapies as well as therapeutic, self development & well being packages.

 Therapists working under Holistic 

Christine Pauchard : (Profile on the website) Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Hypnotherapist, Health coaching, NLP- psychotherapist,  Acupressure massage healer)
Christine through her 20 years long experience, her deep willing to help others has develop a program of healing for people suffering from different psychological issues. She started her carrier as a nurse 20 years ago and later on decided to explore Indian Vedic path to help people to heal. All her knowledge, her energy is going towards that purpose.
Marcella Cortes : ( Profile on the website) Chakra Healing, Hypnotherapy
Antarjyoti : (Profile on the Website) – Facilitator For Sound Bath & sound massages  with Tibetan bowls and gong
Caroline Cohen: Vocal Yoga Classes : A practice to explore the positive and healing power of conscious sounds via Nada & Bija Mantra Yoga, to give a “body” to your vocal expression through conscious
breathing and to relate through voice  with your inner being from anatomic to psychic level.
Iris Gartz:  Cell Consciousness Therapy: It can address any issue on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels; it is a deeply transforming vibrational work based on the experience of Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
Sessions take between 2 and 3 1/2 hours.

For booking, reservations, inquiries and further information about classes, Intensives, treatments, retreats and package  under Holistic  – Christine

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