The 10 days Yoga –Retreat- 27 Dec 2018 to 6 January 2019

Shala Taramangaling

The 2 weeks Yoga –self discovery –Retreat

. The success of the retreat is based on the design, structure and content being accessible and of value to everyone. You can attend this journey  if you are at the beginning of your yoga or curious and we also cater for those with more experience.

Is your interest more physical yoga? Is your interest more spiritually focused? Or is it to stop the wandering mind so you can create more peace in your daily life? The 2 weeks Yoga-self discovery Retreat explores all these avenues to give you positive tools to continue using in your everyday life.

The yoga classes are  Hatha/ ashtanga style with a strong emphasis on mindfulness ( awereness) to bring you in to present moment living,  incorporating the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

There is also in option: the possibility to take private consultation with Christine Pauchard in the afternoon if you have particular needs regarding your health or your emotional balance and want to learn more about yourself.

For more info & booking :91-9489805493
or [email protected]

Address : Holistic healing and well being Center-Office
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville

Teacher: Christine Pauchard (see more on her profil)
In 2004, after two years studying  Hatha Yoga and Yengar, she discovered  Ashtanga Yoga  and started to  study with Monica Marinoni until 2016 and  since 2007  under the guidance of Sri Sharath Jois  (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’grandson)  at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.

In 2010 she opened “ Yoga et Bien-etre”, where she was teaching for 4 years, running Hatha Yoga class evenings for adults, children and people with health issue;  and daily Mysore style program in the mornings. And the last year, she started to offer workshops and retreat on Yoga and meditation including Satsang about Yoga sutra, relaxation and pranayama.
For 14 years she studied the yoga through her own daily practise and teaching, the mind through regular and repetitive meditation retreats, she gave importance to the sadhana, she learned more about the body through her training and experience in Thai yoga massage and about the mind through her training and practise in NLP (sessions, workshop) .   

With deep gratitude and respect she shares the primary series teachings as she has been taught by Monica Marinoni and Sri Sharath Jois.

27 December
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
The first day. We will go slowly though standing asanas and sitting ones . That will help the news students in Yoga to be able to follow up.
Meditation ( anapana + mindful meditation)

28 December 
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
We will start to work together with the flow  though standing asanas and sitting ones .
Every day we will repeat the same asanas in the same order.
Meditation ( chakra meditation) + yoga sutra

29 December 
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
& Mindful Meditation  + chanting

30 December 
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
& ( breathing exercises and Pranayama)  + chanting

31 St December
9 to 12.30 am :  Practise asanas
&  Yoga Sutra Philosophy + yoga nidra

1 st January : Rest

2nd January
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
& Some exercises from Kriya Yoga

3rd January
9 am to 12.30 am  Practise asanas
& Talks about  Yoga and health

4th January 
9 am to 12.30 am  Practise asanas
&  obstacles ( difficulties) in Yoga – Asanas for health issues or non flexibility persons.

5th January
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
& Pranayama & Breathing exercise for relaxation

6th january 
9 am to 12.30 a.m Practise asanas
9.30 to 11 am Last questions and answers . Yoga nidra
End of the workshop .

10 days/


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