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Our Workshops

Yoga, Meditation & Stress management
24 to 28 December 21
and from 17 to 22 January
From 24 to 28 December 2021
Practice & be Happy , is a Mini Yoga and Meditation workshop ( resident or non-resident) organized by Holistic a health care unit of Auroville
Delivered workshop with tool box
Release the anxiety & stress due to COVID Time
Contact us for a quote. And Help your employees , your students to get back their full potential, their full concentration on their work and release their anxiety and Stress due to the Covid situation.
NLP Introduction
30-31st December & 2nd Jan. 21
NLP Introduction A 3 Days Training to get the basic understanding and tools from NLP - Certified Training
Meditation and stress management workshop
8 & 9 January
On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January 2022. Come and enjoy this workshop to relax and empower your daily life.
NLP Practionner
10 to 16 April 2021
NLP Introduction A 7 Days Course to get a deep understanding and tools from NLP - Certified Training - For Professionals
De-Stress your mind and relax your body: Scientific Meditation with sound healing
Book your journey for A wonderful session of meditation with scientific tools.   Last 1h15 Min. To relax Deeply and u lock any emotional blockage
Be Happy & successful
Our Wellbeing workshop
Workshops can each stand alone as half day or one day events; however for maximized life-changing impact, a series of workshops can be custom designed for you or your enterprise
Set up a Stress Management Program
Contact us to discover our program
Arm your employees with science-backed emotional fitness skills so they can better manage stress, avoid burnout, and fuel their capacity to thrive through change and uncertainty
Vocal Yoga Workshops: A way towards Conscious Breathing and Sounding- From 15 January only
What is the true nature of the relationship am I experiencing with my own voice? The practice o f Vocal Yoga is an invitation to keep you connected with yourself in order to explore the deep impacts of sounds.