Relaxation&Detox package–Come and enjoy from 2 to 7 days retreat


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Relaxation & Detox package  2 days- 3 days- 5 days- 7 days .

Free dates on request: 





For more info & booking :91-9489805493
or [email protected]

Address : Holistic healing and well being Center-Office
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville

You can registered for free dates if you are at least 2 persons. . 

What sets us apart is the lifelong experience of the therapist (Christine Pauchard) who will take care of you – his or her professionalism as a health and wellness therapist as well as their personal inner journey, discovering the way towards inner peace.

The Relaxation & Detox Retreat offers you a complete detox with particular focus on stress reduction, better immunity, cleansing the body and re-establishing harmony between body, mind and soul.

Every person is different, each individual has his or her way to face life: our internationally experienced therapists will facilitate your own journey to your place of happiness and relaxation. The Retreat is designed by closely keeping in mind the approaches of Systemic Healing and the therapeutic tradition of  Yoga. In holistic healing there are many paths towards a healthy body and mind – our experts assist you by facilitating your choices, so that you benefit with ease in finding a new harmony and ways to maintain the balance in your daily life.

The aims of the retreat are

  • To teach and experience how to balance the energy in your body;
  • To learn to calm your mind     and above all,
  • to teach you the tools for keeping a clean body returning in daily life

to teach you how to keep a strong and relaxed mind.

  This retreat has a personal approach, one of our  a health and wellness professionals will be available to take care of your personal requirements. Christine will welcome you and be your retreat guide for this retreat during the entirety of your stay .

Dates for those who would like to participate in a group Retreat and  interact with others during this journey of wellbeing:

If you want to be part of a group, subscribe for these dates. Keep in mind that your trip must start on the first day and that you would choose whether you want to sign up for 2 days, 3 days or 5 days beforehand.

  • All Inclusive standard + or Luxury Accommodation.
  • Standard accommodation: Sharnga Guest House ***(see picture in “our venues” or on ( ) located in the center of Auroville:
  • Dune Spa and Ecovillage ****(located on the ECR aprox. 5 kms from Auroville)

The retreat includes:

  • Daily educational talks with your main therapist
  • Daily Yoga and Relaxation sessions
  • Daily Sessions in Guided Meditation ( Mindful Meditation, Chakra Meditation)
  • Daily Herbal Tea
  • Daily Vegetarian meals
  • Daily one massage session (Thai Massage, or Shiatsu, or Ayurvedic Massage workshops

and sessions in  NLP & Hypnotherapy

You are welcome to request additionally:

  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop off.
  • A Personalized Retreat Diary.
  • If these dates do not fit in your schedule, you can contact us via mail to set up a personalized package. Please be sure to mention your dates and requests.

Program for group (minimum 4 people).
Day 1: Auroville
7am to 8:30am :    Yoga and breathing exercices
8:30am to 10am:   Breakfast and Shower
10am to 12 noon:  Massage
12 noon to 3pm :   Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:         Meditation, chanting  and relaxation technique

Day2: Auroville
7am to 8:30am:     Yoga and breathing exercices                                                                                 8:30am to 10am:   Breakfast and Shower                                                                                        10am to 12 noon:  Massage
12 noon to 3pm :   Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:        Chanting and Relaxation techniques

Day 3: Auroville
7am to 8:30am:      Yoga                                                                                8:30am to 10am:    Breakfast and Shower                                                                                        10am to 12 noon:   Massage
12 noon to 3pm :    Lunch and rest
3pm to 6pm:           Sightseeing in Auroville by bicycle, motorbike, or car

Day 4: Auroville
7am to 8:30 am:     Breakfast

8.30am to 9:30am: Meditation at the Matrimandir
10 am to 12 noon:  Massage                                                                                                             12 noon to 3pm :    Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:          NLP- Communication Workshop: Identifying your Resources
Evening:                 Meditation

Day 5: Auroville
7am to 8:30am:      Yoga
8:30am to 10am:    Breakfast and Shower
10am to 12:30pm:  Massage                                                                                                             12:30pm to 3pm:    Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:          Sightseeing in Auroville by bicycle, motorbike, or car

 Day 6: Auroville
7am to 8:30am:       Yoga
8:30am to 9:30am:  Breakfast and Shower
9:30am to 12 noon: Massage                                                                                                            12 noon to 3pm:      Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:           Hypnotherapy or Regression Therapy Workshop

 Day 7: Auroville                                                                                                                          7am to 8:30 am:       Breakfast and Shower
8:30am to 10:30am: Matrimandir
10h30-12h30:           Chanting. Yoga Philosophy, and Daily-life Talks                                                      12:30pm to 3pm:      Lunch and rest
3pm to 6 pm:            Massage and Yoga Nidra

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