Hypno & Regressiontherapy

  Hypnotherapy & transpersonal regression therapy

with Sigrid Lindemann

Hypnotherapy with Marcella Calvani Cortes

intensivseminar-tiefe-anamnese-barcelona-2Hypnotherapy    &

Transpersonal regression therapy (TASSO)

with Sigrid Lindemann

Teaching and private sessions

Deeply transformative sessions in transpersonal regression therapy: 2-3 hrs, on appointment only.

Sigrid is trainer with EKAA for clinical hypnotherapy level 1 , (2,5 days). Sigrid is finalising her teacher training in transpersonal regressiontherapy with Tasso International, Holland.

Hypnotherapy and regression therapy enable conscious access to a persons memory,  which then can be worked with therapeutically. This work can address issues of experiences still influencing a person today like fears and phobias, addictions, trauma, inner child work, pre-natal experiences, pastlives, whereas it can serve to regain perspective of trauma and discover personal resources and strengths.

Hypnotherapy denotes a more classical approach in this, whereas transpersonal regression therapy is a modern client centered approach, which ties in with other therapeutic modalities such as Inner Child Work, Energy Work, Constellation Work.

“I offer transformative sessions to accelerate personal evolution – by taking charge of  earlier experiences, access the learning and by re-evaluating enabling a deeper integration.”

These therapy sessions are intense, marked by rooting the client in his own resources for healing and integration and thus ensuring longlasting effects.

Know more about your international faculty Sigrid Lindemann

An short video Intro to clinical hypnotherapy by Yuvraj Kappadia, head and faculty Ekaa  Website   www.ekaa.co.in

The website for transpersonal regression therapy:  www.tassointernational.com . An  in depths video on Transpersonal regressiontherapy by Hans Tendam, Woolger.


with Marcella Calvani Cortes

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Private session on appointment
Each session in hypnotherapy lasts around 2h.
For a hypnotherapy session into a past life regression, a first initial session in hypnotherapy is required. Marcella  does not give training in hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a method by which a consenting person may be guided into an altered state of conscious awareness (‘hypnotic trance’) in which psychological and physical changes, beyond normal conscious capability, may be achieved.

Hypnosis enables conscious access to the memory of a consenting person, which then provides the tool to therapeutically work with earlier experiences still influencing a person today. This includes fears and phobias, addictions, trauma, inner child work, pre-natal experiences, discovering personal resources, regression past lives. Anyone can be hypnotized,  can relax and following simple instructions can enjoy hypnotic trance.