Psychomot & Sophro


Psychomotor Therapy is effective in

Based on a holistic vision of the human being, on the unity of body and mind, Psychomotor therapy integrates the cognitive, emotional, symbolic and physical interactions in the individual’s capacity to ‘Be’ and ‘Act’ in a psycho-social context.

Psychomotor therapy concerns people of all ages and it is a therapy scientifically based on: medical, psychological, neuropsychological and educational sciences..

The psychomotrician can intervene in the promotion of well-being, prevention, care, cure, re-education, rehabilitation and therapeutic use.


Sophrology is the study of the consciousness in harmony; a healthcare philosophy made of very practical physical and mental exercises aiming at a prepared mind in a focused body.

It is a structured method, based on combination of techniques such as concentration, deep breathing, relaxation, visualization and simple movements called Dynamic Relaxation.

Sophrology considers the person as a whole, body and mind. The exercises used are simple and easy to use in an everyday life environment.

Body Consciousness

Sophrology is about better understanding the body, about knowing oneself better, knowing one’s limits and accepting oneself, feeling fully alive here and now and living in good health in harmony between body and mind.