Petra Buschfeld .

Acupuncture, WOGA, WATSU and WATA practitioner, cranio sacral therapy in water,
Instructor Led Training.
WOGA , WATSU BASIC and OBA instructor.

WABA – qualified  Woga and Watsu Basic instructor

WABA – qualified  Watsu and Wata therapist
cranio- sacral therapy in water
OBA student
Fluid Presence student
BSC Complementary Therapy – pathway acupuncture , Westminster University , London
Diploma Chinese Herbal Medicine , University of Westminster , London qualified in 1999
Healing Practitioner , selbstverwaltete Heilpraktikerschule , Berlin qualified in 1993
Yogateacher- Sivananda , Iyengar Tradition, Satyananda Saraswati  qualified in 1986
Languages: German, English,
 Location:  sharnga guest-house.
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