Our welfare workshop and program- one day session all over the year*** Holistic


Our welfare workshop and program

De-Stress Your Mind and Relax Your Body :
Scientific meditation with Sound HealingĀ 

Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday
Pre-registration 2 days in advanced
Last 1h30 min

Destress Your Mind and heal your Body


Super Sensory Development PROGRAM WORKSHOP

A pre-counseling is required 2 days before-  
SSDO workshop on Tues/Thurs/Sat — Last 1h30 min

For more info & booking :91-9489805493
or [email protected]

Address : Holistic healing and well being Center-Office
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville
Skype session: christine.yatra


There are lots of real benefits that people get from properly taught mindfulness techniques of Meditation. From an organisational perspective many of these meditation based benefits translate into happier, healthier and more productive staff.

Workshop will offer a simple and practical way to learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques of meditation. “Scientific meditation” is a simple and effective approach to meditation, practicable by one and all.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and its benefits are well documented. It has been shown to improve focus, concentration and creativity, as well as reducing stress. Other benefits can include an enhancement in our efficiency and effectiveness, and an improvement in our physical and mental well-being.
After the workshop will have a talk on the benefits of meditation and will include practical experiential sessions on relaxation and meditation. The participants will be invited to note down their experience after meditation. The workshop will be for about 2 hours. After the program is conducted, we will request you to provide us with a short feedback on the program.

            Therapists & Experts: Christine & Mradul



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