Analysis of Multiple Intelligence

 Multiple intelligence test 

A Scientific way to discover your hidden talent and potential. Technology to know one’s Inborn Potential & Talent. That will help you to know your resources and abilities, and to develop them. If you want to know how your Multiple Intelligence work and willing to know your natural weakness and strength with 99.99% accuracy (Linguistic Intelligence / Logical Intelligence / Visual Intelligence / Interpersonal Intelligence / Intra personal Intelligence / Gross Motor Skills / Fine Motor Skills / Intelligent Quotient / Emotional Quotient / Creative Quotient / Adversity Quotient / Learning Style). That is the necessary process. To heal our wounds and brain damages (due by traumatic events) we need to increase our potential and resources. To develop confidence and strength in ourselves. As each person has different aptitude requirements, and by matching them scientifically we can be sure that we are heading in any particular field in the right direction. So Aptitude is the potential to develop the skills that are required. And it will help us to define for you a distinct developmental progression.


Eligibility – Suitable and Ideal for kids between 5-15 years.

Duration – 12 Hours (6 Hours of Intensive training + 6 Hours follow up technique)

Something about The Training…..

SUPER SENSORY DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES are designed after years of study on human brain functioning, Neurological research and are proven successful in activating the Subconscious Mind.

Primarily it is a course where child’s and adult’s sensory perception abilities are amplified with the help of SUPER SENSORY DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES.

After the Course…..

 After The Subconscious Mind Activation training, Midbrain allows the chid to use 5 senses more the receptively along with the proper placement of information into the brain.

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