Highly-dedicated, organized, and competent Trainer and Therapist with over 10+ years of experience in diagnosing mental health disorders, behavioural issues, and providing quality treatment to Children and Adult.

Expert of Scientific Meditation with Exclusively Composed Sound by the Scientist and Researcher of Japan.

Certified in Super Sensory Development in Shichida Method.

10+ Years of experience with Special abled Children & Adults. worked with different Disorders, PTSD, Depression and Brain health problem, Emotional Blockage patients.

15+ Years’ Experience as Expert / Counsellor for Children and Positive Parenting.

Corporate Trainer on Stress Management and Productivity Enhancement. 
 AMI test, and scientific meditation with Sound Healing

Children and parenting Counselling delivered in many prestigious school and colleges all over India since 15 years.

Corporate training on stress management and productivity enhancement all over India Since 2010

Summary of Skills: 

  • Sound knowledge of various mental health issues, and behavioural problems people get affected with
  • Strong Believe on Natural and Scientific way of Healing. not in traditional way of Medical or Psychological Treatment
  • Expertise in understanding client’s past medical history as well as deciding the plan of treatment
  • Capable of conducting brief counselling sessions regarding the disease, and required care
  • Adept in observing patients for strange behaviour, self-threats and danger to other inmates/staff, or Supervising medical personnel (if Any) for ensuring quality services
  • Team player with excellent organizational, and interpersonal skills

Languages: English, Hindi
Contact: [email protected]
Location:  Holistic Studio- Kuilapalyam- Auroville
Info &Registration by mail: [email protected]

AMI: Analysis of Multiple Intelligence test through finger-print
SSDP:  Super Sensory Development Program
Sound healing with scientific meditation sessions
Positive parenting Workshop
Stress management 


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