Marcella Calvani Cortes


Hypnotherapy , Chakras Healing


-Hypnotherapist (Certified Integrated clinical hypnotherapist with the reputed California Hypnosis Institute of India, now EKAA).

-Chakras Healing (Certified Advance Redikall healing from the reputed Omnipresence Academy of life  – India,)

-Sivananda Yoga Teacher


-Reiki Master

Languages: English, Italian


Location: Sharnga guest-house

Info &Registration by mail:

Reiki cetificate

Reiki Master cettificate


  • what is hypno therapy and what r its benefits
    can i learn it
    how long will it take to learn it and apply for others

    • Hallo!
      Hypnotherapy is therapeutic work in altered – or hypnotic – state. With hypnotherapy the subconscious is accessible and therapy becomes deep and effective. Questions about repeated patterns in life, phobias and fears, pastlives etc. can be adressed, as well as ressources for selfimprovement discovered and then used consciously.
      I am a certified trainer for “Clinical Hypnotherapy” from EKAA, a highly reputed institution in India. Their training comprises of 5 levels, the level 1 is for all interested in the subject.
      I will offer a level 1 again Dec 16-18 and Jan 26- 28th in Auroville. I have refined my skills further and practise now “transpersonal regression therapy”, which is an further advanced method in hypnotherapy, and give sessions in this too.
      Marcella gives sessions in hypnotherapy.
      Let me know where your interest lies, and I am happy to reply to your inquiries,
      Sigrid Lindemann

  • Mam any workshop between 16 to 19 may if I want to learn things

    • Auroville Holistic

      Dear ,

      sorry no…. may and june here is too hot. We take holidays.. sorry no workshop..
      Best regards

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