JUST BREATHE, is a Mini Yoga and Meditation Retreat- Workshop: From 28 December to 5th January



 Yoga and Meditation Retreat

JUST BREATHE, is a Mini Yoga and Meditation Retreat organised by Holistic a health care unit of Auroville. This Retreat will be organised under The guidance of  Christine Pauchard.

Make your life healthier with Ashtanga Yoga and Rejuvenate your Mind Body and Soul with

* Special Sessions of Scientific Meditation 
* Shatkarma, Asanas, Pranayama,
* Philosophy of Yoga: Yoga Sutra
* Techniques of Kriya Yoga/ Kundalini Yoga
* Chanting – Mantra
* Ayurveda / Obstacles in Yoga / Benefit of Yoga / Diet.
* Hatha yoga : Deepening Asanas and Therapy & Bandhas

1. You will know the sequence of Asanas and will be able to do it by your own at home.
2. The teaching is adapted to each one ( the difficulties of their bodies or health issues)
3. You will know the benefits of yoga on health and understand how to keep a healthy balance in your life (Diet, daily routine… )
4. You will learn Meditation and some exercises of concentration which will help you to cope up with the challenge of your life & work (Stress Management, Emotion Management…).


From Monday 23 december to Saturday 4th January :

From 7.30 AM to 9:30 Am: Shatkarma, Asanas, Pranayama
9:30 to 11:00: Shower and breakfast 
11:00 to 12:30:  Scientific meditation with sound healing  & Chanting Mantra
Philosophies of Yoga: Yoga Sutra & Yoga 
Introduction to Ayurveda 
Techniques of Kriya Yoga/ Concentration exercises.
In alternance 
Tuesday 24& Thursday 26 and Wednesday 1st january Afternoon: 4:00 to 5:30 Pm : Therapeutic Yoga – Deepening asana- and modification & bandhas 
Sunday 29 December and wednesday 1st January: There will be no sessions in the mornings  

Fees: 7000rs

Bring a mat if you have one, one towel + water

For more Inquiry –
email – [email protected]

For more info & booking :91-9489805493/ or Land line: 0413-2623357
or [email protected]

Venue: Taramangaling
5 min after Botanical Garden 

Holistic health and well being center
auroville Main Road
Kuilapalayam- Auroville
605101 TN India 

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