Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy – Holistic

Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy 

With Marcella Calvani Cortes Or With Christine Pauchard 

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Holistic healing and well being Center-Office
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville

Private session on appointment
Each session in hypnotherapy lasts around 2h.
For a hypnotherapy session into a past life regression, a first initial session in hypnotherapy is required. 

Hypnosis is a method by which a consenting person may be guided into an altered state of conscious awareness (‘hypnotic trance’) in which psychological and physical changes, beyond normal conscious capability, may be achieved.

Hypnosis, when using proven therapeutic procedures, can be a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. For example, through the use of regressive techniques, an adult patient may mentally voyage back to a point in youth that was particularly troublesome, allowing the healing of old emotional wounds. Another patient can be led to understand that emotional pain has been converted to physical pain, and that the pain can be eliminated once the source has been addressed. Or, a person suffering from chronic pain can be taught to control the pain without use of medications. There are a number of techniques for correcting dysfunctional behaviors such as self-destructive habits, anxiety disorders, and even managing side effects of various medical treatments and procedures.

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