Explore your mind! 3 day workshop 5, 6 &7 Jan 2018

Info &Registration by mail: sigrid@auroville-holistic.com

Explore the depths of your mind and relax!
Meditate with ease!
Expand your therapeutic toolbox!
Apply Selfhypnosis
“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they only come when it is still”

A 3 day Workshop combining experiential learning and “Theory of the Mind”
Certified course from EKAA

5,6 &7 Jan at Sharnga Guesthouse Yogahall
Friday 4 – 7 pm. Intro and Selfhypnosis
Saturday, Sunday 9 – 6 pm. Theory and Practice of Hypnotherapy techniques
Info meeting Wednesdays before 5- 5.30 pm.

Trainer Sigrid Lindemann
Certified Faculty in Hypnotherapy, Regressiontherapy and Classical homeopathy, Auroville, India, Germany and Spain   www.sigridlindemann.com

Certified Classical hypnotherapist and Faculty in India www.ekaa.co.in

Certified transpersonal regression therapist  and supervisor with Tasso International    

Training now as Tasso Faculty

Register with Sigrid, sigrid@auroville-holistic.com and 09626006961, 0413 2623888

Venue Yogahall in Sharnga Guesthouse