Natural horsemanship – Equinotherapy

Equinotherapy is a different approach to healing which benefits from the relationship between horse and human. It works on simple principles such as “No reward,and No punishment”. Its all about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between human and horse. Conditioning, if you will.

Horses are 4 things naturally: 1. Full faculty learners, 2. Heard animals, 3. Prey animals and 4. Curious

Equinotherapy is beneficial for many different aspects of healing such as:

  • Physical disabilities (balance problems, muscle atrophy, coordination, rehabilitation…)
  • Mental issues (reinforce neural passages, reduces stress…)
  • Psychological (helps on behavoural issues, fears, emotions, anger management…)

I offer a safe place for both horse and human to freely create a relationship which leads to healing. I am the listener, the translator, the facilitator. It is a time where both horse and human can work together to betterment of both.

Meet us at Sharnga Guesthouse ! Mirrabelle

For sessions  contact@auroville-holistic.com

PS Mirrabelle is facilitator of YEP week: Youth Entertainment Program for kids from 4 to 14 y