Chakra healing with Marcella 

Quantum Shiatsu Massage with   Samî A. Latzke

Samalin treatments with Sami A.Latzke

1263903_origChakra Healing

with Marcella Calvani Cortes

Private sessions and  workshops

Chakras healing session last 2h.

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 Location:  Holistic healing and well being Center-
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville

Our Bodies have numerous energy centers that move like a wheel and hence called Chakras.The chakras respond to our thought processes and there is a corresponding thought processes for every chakra.Our thoughts or thinking patterns affect our emotions (how we feel), these emotions in turn affect the energy field of our body, and finally this field of energy generates changes in either our physical body or our physical space. It is possible to determinate the functioning of the 7 Major Chakras and 250 + Minor Chakras. Using the relevant  affirmations, it is possible to heal each chakra and hence heal physical, mental and emotional states. This include: health enhancement, personal growth enhancement, instant pain relief, greater emotional balance, creates an in-depth understanding of  ‘Self’ and others around, understanding relationship dynamics, gives your career a boost, brings clarity in understanding Life Plan and life patterns, greater emotional balance.

workshop massage

Quantum Shiatsu Massage

(Empty Touch),

With   Samî A(Empty Touch),. Latzke

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This session last 1h

 Location:  Discipline Farm

Quantum Shiatsu recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of energy in the body. Most styles of Shiatsu base their theory and practice solely on the ancient principles derived from Chinese medicine. Quantum Shiatsu goes a step further and incorporates concepts from Quantum Physics that illustrate how the physical body can work as an expanding and contracting field of energetic vibrations.

When we access this part of our physical make up, we open ourselves up to the full spectrum of energy that is available for human use and we can tap into more of our potential for healing and self-realization

being-mindful 2Samalin treatments
With   Samî A. Latzke

Back treatment (called Samalin, spine correction, muscle work, cupping, energywork);This session last 1h

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 Location:  Discipline Farm

(much more than a back treatment) A kind of ancient-Asian osteopathic physiotherapy, more than a pain treatment of spine and skeletal structures: effective, deep physical-energetic body work. Helps to find your new healthy and relaxed body-alignment and stimulates endogenous regulative mechanisms. By employing nerve-calming acupressure and energetic work the therapy session can for the most part be kept free from pain. The understanding of self-responsibility is of great importance for the healing process.
Samalin helps the body to deeply relax and does not fight against it during the manipulation. When the patient remains attentive during the healing process one can observe a kind of cooperation between the patient and his own body. The body can therefore quickly let go of the pain and accept the new position.