Deepening communication – 22 & 23 dec- Sharnga GH —- Book Now- Place limited

Deepening communication

connect with your inner power and discover your innerselfWorking with people?

Discover your inner dialogue!

This 2 day workshop will help you to connect with  YOUR
INNER POWER and will give you the knowledge to develop deep communication

Come experience the power of NLP, meditation and knowing ourself  and uncover your true potential. Achieve your self confidence and become able to a deep communication
You will  learn and experience how to

Facilitate access to inner knowing .
Discover tools to understand the uniqueness of each individual and improve communication in work, relationship and with your inner self.


Tuesday 22 December

9 to 12 noon with Sigrid Lindemann
Advanced techniques for verbal and nonverbal interaction

Intro to Communication – verbal and nonverbal elements. The 6 Levels of listening. Short interactive experiential sessions: How do you perceive? How different perceive others? Use of our 5 senses.

1.30 to 4.30 p.m with Christine Pauchard
Discover and practice the basics skills of NLP and their applications in work situations as well as for your own growth, development and personal achievement. And we will learn how to set and achieve compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes, discover techniques to be resourceful and manage yourself better.


Wednesday 23 December

9 to 12 noon with Sigrid Lindemann

Exercises in awareness through movement, Stepping back, strengthening the observer. What is “Your mind”? Different sources of thoughts and emotion.


2 to 5 pm with Miss Christine Pauchard
Anapana meditation  and observation. To become aware of  your emotions and begin  calming your mind. How to listen anyone deeply if your mind is full of emotions and thoughts?
Exercise to  reach  self confidence and  enable you deep communication.


Christine Pauchard is an international yoga teacher and NLP practitioner
Sigrid Lindemann is an international faculty in homeopathy and hypnotherapy, certified transpersonal regression therapist.

Communication skills are at the heart of her work as a therapist and faculty.


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