Introduction to NLP-12to14 Feb 2018 & 12to 14 March 2018

pnl, coaching, communication

pnl, coaching, communication


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You want to know yourself better, unlock the immense potential within, or achieve a goal, or even clarify where you are, now, in your own life

Learn tools to understand yourself, the others and open yourself to a larger world.Learn tools to communicate on a more efficient way.
Stop repeating same mistakes, change your behaviors change your life…

 This 2 days workshop is intended for anyone  who wants to improve his communication skills at work and  other social situations through  personal  development and mind control techniques.

Through the way we communicate, we can understand how we see the world , how we  analyze it and how we reply to it. NLP tools are made for discover step by step how our brain is working, what are the behaviors and patterns stock in our unconscious and that we use every day to face our life. And to change them if there are useless or  if we want to become more efficient regarding our profession or to become aware of our limiting mechanisms and achieve our goals

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(NLP, meaning neuro-linguistic program is a tool developed by psychologists and indicated to determine the mapping of the brain and its workings.)

The pre-suppositions – The 4 pillars of NLP
The  rapport
The filters of perception
The component of NLP
sensory predicates & predicate system
The frame objective
anchoring resources

The full program is designed to enable participants to understand and practice the basics skills of NLP in their profession, work situations as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement , to discover techniques to be resourceful and manage themselves better.

Communication with NLP-25& 26 November 2017
Venue: Sharnga guest-house, in Auroville.

Timing:   from 9.00 to 12.00 a.m and 2.00 to 5.00 pm
If you need that we book accommodation for you or taxi pick-up, let us know.





  • NLP workshop- Jan 6,7.2017
    I came to the workshop simply hoping it would help me communicate better since i thought i lacked that skill. But it turn out to be much more than that. It made me look inside myself deeper. Also i learned too that if a communication seemed to not get my required response, rather than judging my way as wrong. I will now look for a way that would resonate with the other person. I realised how important it is to take time to understand the other person. Hope i practice the techniques learned with you. And thank you Christine! Valli. From Bangalore

  • NLP workshop , 6-7 January 2017- With Christine
    1/ I learnt more systematic approach in understanding others, their perspectives and why they could also be right.
    2/ Lots of self realization. Got good clarity on many personal traits that was bouncing and puzzling me recently.
    3/Feel More clear, improved. less egoistic and more balanced.
    4/ Realised my filters and how not to be judgmental.
    5/ This program was more of how i could have done better in many of my previous scenarios that would have given better results. Nelson Venkateson From Chennai
    Christine was very comforting and efficient. Liked her personal attention and efforts to make me understand, Thank you Christine

  • Thank you Christine for the workshop. I like the circle which I will use and put in practice and with you i decide to start to write my book.
    Betty From Auroville

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