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NLP& self-improvement- 2 to 4 June & 30 June to 2nd July: Introduction

pnl, coaching, communication

pnl, coaching, communication


Learn  NLP skills and insights.  After this 3 days your NLP can then be used anywhere  & for your  personal development 

  • Develop a better understanding of what makes you ‘tick’by working at the deepest level of the Psyche
  • Better understand why the people in your life behave as they do
  • Recognise your own out-of-date responses to situations and people – and begin losing these
  • Develop skills to change your moods and your reactions.

You want to know yourself better, unlock the immense potential within, or achieve a goal, or even clarify where you are, now, in your own life

Learn tools to understand yourself, the others and open yourself to a larger world.Learn tools to communicate on a more efficient way.
Stop repeating same mistakes, change your behaviors change your life…

Through the way we communicate, we can understand how we see the world , how we  analyze it and how we reply to it. NLP tools are made for discover step by step how our brain is working, what are the behaviors and patterns stock in our unconscious and that we use every day to face our life. And to change them if there are useless or  if we want to become more efficient regarding our profession or to become aware of our limiting mechanisms and achieve our goals

Info &Registration by mail:  or 9489805493

NLP & self-improvement : 4 to 6 May & 30 June to 2nd July  : Introduction & 6 to 8 October : Practitioner NLP part1 

(NLP, meaning neuro-linguistic program is a tool developed by psychologists and indicated to determine the mapping of the brain and its workings.)

The pre-suppositions – The 4 pillars of NLP
The  rapport
The filters of perception
The component of NLP
sensory predicates & predicate system
The frame objective
anchoring resources
Perceptual Positions
Time line process

Timing:   from 9.00 to 12.00 a.m and 2.00 to 5.00 pm
If you need that we book accommodation for you or taxi pick-up, let us know.




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Yoga workshop-13 to 17 June 2018/ 8 to 12 August 2018



 The purpose of this 5 mornings workshop is to help you to find more stability in your emotions and more peace inside.

We will do yoga asanas, breathing exercices, pranayama,  Patanjali yoga sutra reading ( yoga philosophy), some meditation and relaxation. And explore the limitations of our body (and mind).

Registration by mail:

Every ones has to bring one mat for yoga and one cushion for meditation + towel to wipe the sweat and water to drink . 

The venue is Taramangaling. You will find explanations to go there on this website on the page ” YOGA”

From 8.00 am to 12.00 noon

Next dates: 28 march to 1st April 2018
13 to 17 June 2018
8 to 12 August 2018

To give you a taste  of deep yoga: Yama, Nyama, concentration and the philosophy  which lead to Pratyahara

(Pratyahara leads the mind inwards, preparing it for meditation. In pratyahara, the mind is withdrawn from the senses and the sense objects, yet remaining fully aware of the inner processes. Pratyahara is the stage between externalizing and internalizing the mind.)
Afternoon you can get a personal session With Christine  to discuss about your obstacles in Yoga asanas and or/and in your personal development in your life, and find how you may improve happiness and stability in with yourself, with your family, with your work.


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Healing Children Symposium 11 & 12 Aug 2018

A 2-day Symposium of alternative therapy for children in difficulties – be it with diagnoses ADHD, Autism, epilepsy, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, congenital disorders: ataxia, Huntington, behavioural issues.

Holistic therapists show in video and with demo how a holistic approach incl homeopathy (Sankaran- Method), psycho-motricity, natural horsemanship, relaxation, hypnotherapy and an integral perspective on individual development.

The Symposium invites  homeopaths, pediatricians and MD’s, therapists, health professionals, educators and teachers  to take a new perspective.

Registration with

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Explore your mind! 3 day Intensive – new dates in august 2018

Info &Registration by mail:

Explore the depths of your mind and relax!
Meditate with ease!
Expand your therapeutic toolbox!
Apply Selfhypnosis
“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they only come when it is still”

A 3 day Intensive Learning combining experiential learning and “Theory of the Mind”
Certified course from EKAA

at Sharnga Guesthouse Yogahall
Friday 4 – 7 pm. Intro and Selfhypnosis (optional)
Saturday, Sunday 9 – 6 pm. Theory and Practice of Hypnotherapy techniques
Info meeting Wednesdays before 5- 5.30 pm.

Trainer Sigrid Lindemann
Certified Faculty in Hypnotherapy, Regressiontherapy and Classical homeopathy, Auroville, India, Germany and Spain

Certified Classical hypnotherapist and Faculty in India

Certified transpersonal regression therapist  and supervisor with Tasso International    

Training now as Tasso Faculty

Register with Sigrid, and 09626006961, 0413 2623888

Venue Yogahall in Sharnga Guesthouse

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“Healing Trauma – the unseen wound” Next one will be in august 2018-

Info &Registration by mail: 

2- day Intensive Learning on Trauma and different modalities to heal with Sigrid Lindemann

  • What is Trauma?
  • How does it influence body and mind – short- and long term?
  • What means healing trauma?
  • Working with sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Bodywork, energy medicine, trauma relief, regression work
  • Theoretical and experiential learning

A toolbox for your clinic and self practice! approaching trauma from the physiological, emotional, and energetic perspective for holistic healing.

Sigrid Lindemann is highly experienced in working with trauma, with a great range of modalities, through her work with hundreds of patients and clients for 20 years.

This 2 day Intensive Learning  is meant for psychologists, body therapists, counsellors, medics and paramedics and all who deal with trauma!

Make a difference in approaching this highly relevant issue in your therapy room and clinic!


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