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Healing Children Symposium 24&25 March 2018

A 2-day Symposium of alternative therapy for children in difficulties – be it with diagnoses ADHD, Autism, epilepsy, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, congenital disorders: ataxia, Huntington, behavioural issues.

Holistic therapists show in video and with demo how a holistic approach incl homeopathy (Sankaran- Method), psycho-motricity, natural horsemanship, relaxation, hypnotherapy and an integral perspective on individual development.

The Symposium invites  homeopaths, pediatricians and MD’s, therapists, health professionals, educators and teachers  to take a new perspective.

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“Healing Trauma – the unseen wound” March 2018

Info &Registration by mail: 

2- day Intensive Learning on Trauma and different modalities to heal with Sigrid Lindemann

  • What is Trauma?
  • How does it influence body and mind – short- and long term?
  • What means healing trauma?
  • Working with sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Bodywork, energy medicine, trauma relief, regression work
  • Theoretical and experiential learning

A toolbox for your clinic and self practice! approaching trauma from the physiological, emotional, and energetic perspective for holistic healing.

Sigrid Lindemann is highly experienced in working with trauma, with a great range of modalities, through her work with hundreds of patients and clients for 20 years.

This 2 day Intensive Learning  is meant for psychologists, body therapists, counsellors, medics and paramedics and all who deal with trauma!

Make a difference in approaching this highly relevant issue in your therapy room and clinic!


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workshop Yoga in Lyon- France 21st October / atelier a lyon le 21 Octobre









Samedi 21 Octobre : 14h30- 17h30
A Lyon – France – 19 Rue Cuvier 69006 Lyon

Atelier destine aux pratiquants de yoga( novice, débutant ou confirme)

Nous allons nous immerger dans le systeme philosophique indien du yoga nomme AShtanga Yoga. Le terme Ashtanga provient des mots sanscrits “ashtau” qui signifie 8 et “anga” qui veut dire “membres”. Les 8 membres font référence à 8 pratiques essentielles dans le yoga développés par Patanjali dans son recueil intitulé « Yoga-sûtra et repris et developpe par Krishnamacharya

L’etude de ce systeme philosophique et de ses differents principe et la mise en pratique ouvre la place a  l’harmonie réalisée a l’intérieur de son propre corps et  permet de laisser la place au   bonheur paisible qui peut éclore et peu a peu s’installer (que l’on peut aussi appeler plénitude  ou bien-être physique et mental).

Nous développerons les 6  premiers principes:
Les règles de comportement (yamas)

L’autodiscipline (niyamas)

Les postures corporelles (asanas)
La respiration (pranayama)
La maîtrise des sens (pratyahara)

La concentration (dharana)

a travers une réflexion sur yamas et nyamas, puis l’étude d’un exercice de pranayama, et des exercices pour développer la concentration et la maitrise des sens et terminerons par une pratique des asanas en tentant d’incorporer certains des éléments acquis.

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A Journey of self discovery or The path of spiritual seekers: 4 dates in 2018

adulte sol 1auroville-city-of-dawn








Infos &Registration by mail:

Or 9489805493(Christine)

A Journey of Self Discovery or The Path of Spiritual Seekers
Take a tour of self discovery with Christine Pauchard, student of Sri Sharath Jois  and  Hatha yoga teacher. She will share with you her experiences on her path of well-being and inner truth. You will practice Yoga, Meditation and Chanting almost every day.

– 13 Days
– Inner journey based in Auroville
– Tour for self discovery
Both beginner and advanced students are welcome. Even if you have never practiced yoga, you can join. What is necessary is your willingness to learn about yourself and the path of yoga (The “8 limbs of yoga”, which is much wider then the asanas).


Day 1: Chennai/ Auroville-  
Pick up at chennai airport and Travel  to Auroville.  Once arrived in Auroville:   small tour in Auroville, accommodation in or around Auroville.

Day 2 to Day 8: Auroville- 
Yoga and meditation with Christine as well as chanting, reading of yoga sutras.
We will visit Pondicherry, and the Samadhi (the tomb of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo)
Two  afternoon of cycling through Auroville.
3 Massage (f Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage.)
Two afternoons will be free
One afternoon workshop about regression- hypnosis
Two afternoon workshop about NLP-communication

Day 9 Auroville/ Thiruvannamalai –
After the Yoga class, departure to Gingee (1h30) : visiting the fort before heading to Thiruvannamalai (1h) , a famous spiritual place. Visit the temple                                                                                                       Check-in hotel.

Day 10: Thiruvannamalai- 
Early morning before sunrise, a climb up the hill, a visit of the caves and a visit of the Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram. afternoon puja and chanting in the ashram Hotel.

Day 11: Thiruvanamalai/ tanjore 
Early morning set off  to Tanjore (4h ) , on the delta of the Cauvery River. Tanjore was the capital of Chola, the most prominent kingdom of South India. We will visit the Brihadishwara temple. Stay in a hotel.

Day 12: tanjore / Mahabalipuram-
early morning , travel to Mahabalipuram (6h) . Afternoon free. Around 4 pm : yoga class.   Hotel.
Day 13: Mahabalipuram/ Flight
Travel to the airport.


Guest-house good standard in auroville
Tiruvanamali, Tanjore and mahabs Hotels 2/3 stars
Price for the lodging is calculated on the base of sharing double room 

price for 4 pax= 64 890 rs/pax
price for 6 pax= 55 000 rs/pax

All meals included, except during  day 12 in Mahabalipuram  and day 13

English -speaking accompanying member: Christine Pauchard .
4 to 12 people. If less than 6 sign up, holistic reserves the right to cancel the trip up until 21 days before the departure date. By your active and positive participation, you will contribute to the cohesion and harmony of the group, which will guarantee a successful trip.

The fee includes:
Meals (except Day 12 evening and 13)
The guide 
Accommodation in double-rooms
activities described

Not include 

entrances fees. 
extra massage session. Booking can be done by us


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Camille Delobel

“Intensive Learning ” and therapy in psychomotor therapy, sophrology, reiki and relaxation


Certified Faculty and School in Psychology, Psychomotricity and Sophrology, France (since 2008-2012)

Certified Degree in Psychology, University Pierre Mendes, France

Certified Psychomotor therapist with Institut Superieur de Reeducation Psychomotrice (I.S.R.P.), France.

Sophrologist from Institut de Sophrologie Rhône Alpes (I.S.R.A.)

Bachelor in Psychology, 3 years study Psychomotor therapy, 1,5 year training in Sophrology (in France), Hypnotherapy and Reiki.


Individual sessions in Psycho-motor therapy and sophrology since 2010,

Intensive  Relaxation retreat since 2013

Languages French, English

Location Integral Health, Prayatna  and Sharnga Guesthouse Yogahall


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Auroville venues

Our workshops are offered in  4 prime locations in Auroville:  We chose these places for their  charming natural environment, excellent service and organic food.
Sharnga Guesthouse,*** amidst Nature in the very Center of Auroville
Tanto Farbeach,*** THE Auroville Beach guest-house.

Tibetan Pavilion – cultural encounter in the Center of Auroville
Dune ecovillage & Spa****  10kms from Auroville , a beach resort.

Make the best of your stay and enjoy Auroville, its idyllic nature and workshops in one!

What is Auroville ?

Auroville is an experimental township near Puducherry inSouth India. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa (known as “The Mother”). As stated in Alfassa’s first public message about the township, “Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity.”

The people living in Auroville dedicated their life to the purpose of Auroville: realizing the human unity, following the integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

All therapists listed are Aurovilians and practice therapy in the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Integral Yoga implies seeing ones role as a therapist as a catalyst, trusting the inherent knowing and source of healing in each human being. The intention of therapy is to activate the body’s self-healing processes, leading to an integrated re-alignment and balance on all levels of the being – mind, emotion, body and spirit.

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