Aquatic Body work

Aquatic Body Work

Watsu (aquatic shiatsu massage) and OBA

WATA practitioner, cranio sacral therapy in water


Private Woga class  (yoga in water) 

 Location:  Sharnga Guest-house

petra_watsu_1_small Watsu and OBA are aquatic bodywork modalities given in  a warm water pool.

It combines elements of light movements and stretching, massage and mobilization of joints in connection with breathing and energetic work conducted both on the surface and underwater.
Watsu , the part during which the clients face remains on the surface, introduces the qualities and body mechanics to work with someone in water. During the OBA part the receiver is brought under water (with a nose clip), which offers a unique experience.
Watsu and OBA offer an opportunity for profound relaxation and letting go, building trust, being nurtured and held , expanding inner and outer boundaries, releasing emotions and traumas – ultimately freeing body and mind in a flow unique to each person and each session.



Woga is the union of two words: water and yoga. It is based on yoga poses and stretches modified for warm water.

Thanks to the decrease of gravity the water gives ease to the movements, unblocks the articulations, lengthens and melts muscles, removes the negative tensions, prevents strarticulations, lengthens and melts muscles, removes the negative tensions, prevents stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Water yoga is based on classic yoga poses and stretches, which are modified for standing in water that is between waist-to-chest high. You do not need to know how to swim. Classes are structured much like their yoga equivalents on land: breathing, warm-up exercises, a series of poses, and a relaxation period. The difference is that you are in a warm water pool!

Focus of Woga 1 & 2 is Hatha Yoga in water (asanas in standing position, on the wall, in floating position, and also under water), pranayama and meditation.

Prerequisites: no previous experience required (also no need to know how to swim).

Credits: Woga 1 & 2 (Yoga in Water) is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and gives 12 supplementery hours of credit for registration with WABA and Watsu India.