Facilitator for Sound Bath & sound massages  with Tibetan bowls and gong

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BACKGROUND AND CONTENT: Antarjyoti is born in France in 1959 and since 1981 he has been actively involved in his  lifelong prime interest  : the spiritual path of inner growth and discovery…this led him  to  settle in Auroville in 1990. 

He studies different musical instruments since he was 15 YO and he  combined interest for sound and spirituality which led him  to experience what is called in sanskrit  NADA BRAHMAN, “ the Divine in the form of sound”… 

It is this wonderful sound healing experience and exploration that he  invites you to share with him  in Holistic, with the “magic” Tibetan singing bowls , Gong,  Tingshas and Mantra . Since 2015, he offers sessions in Auroville for the enjoyment of every one 

The session last: 1h 30 min

These bowls, and particularly the very big ones are somehow : “ OM cast in bronze”, powerful sacred sounds opening inner dimensions and allow you to experience what is called in sanskrit  NADA BRAHMAN, “ the Divine in the form of sound”…

The vibrations of the bowls on you and around you weave a kind of sound healing “cocoon” penetrating deep into your cells reaching where no human hands can reach! This generates an inwardness  , a deep relaxation and well being , a dissolving of inner “knots”, an  harmonization of the energies…

Some feed-back about this inner  journey :  Vision of big trees around the body helping  to ”root” oneself;  vision of Tibetan landscapes, children, monasteries , monks in blue light; floating over the body in a vast sea of sound;  floating in the space watching galaxies and  explosion of stars; being pleasantly uplifted in a pure white “sky”…etc.


To read more about the session, go in the page ” Classes”  LANGUAGES: French, English. LOCATION: In Auroville,  near” Solar Kitchen” ( precise details will be given at booking time) INFO AND REGISTRATION BY MAIL: Christine @    




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