With Andres Lokuta


Acupuncture session last 30 minutes around.

Contact: Mob: 9489805493 (leave an sms)
or mail: [email protected]

 Location:   Holistic healing and well being Center-Office
1st Floor_ Opp Supermarket Blue Basket
Auroville Main Road |
Kuilapalayam – Auroville

Acupuncture is a traditional chinese approach, promoting balance and harmony on all levels by stimulating the energy flow, the CHI, with tiny needles placed on energy spots.

After a few expert movements with manipulating the vertebrae and needles punched at various points, the relaxation that floods in is almost overwhelming. Somebody described it as, “having a new spine altogether.The key is to remain straight yet calm and relaxed, it is very important of having the correct body posture.
“TCM is practiced not just in China but in the Far East countries as well and each country has its different style, “like Ayurveda in Kerala might be different from the Ayurveda practiced in northern India.”
Acupuncture is recommended for several ailments, “including back pain, which is turning into a common complaint the world over. “Acupuncture helps avoid surgeries in several cases as well, “.

Acupuncture helps with psychological and emotional issues too like anxiety and depression. “Depression is an epidemic of sorts today. Sometimes, people go back to their old thinking patterns but with regular treatment, the spells of peace and relaxation grow increasingly longer and finally the person is healed.”
Alternate modalities of healing work well for prevention too besides cure, especially lifestyle related conditions like diabetes and thyroid issues. “What matters is one’s attitude to one’s health and wellbeing. For a person who has given up on himself, nothing can really help.” On the other hand, a person who is more conscious of their desire to stay healthy is far more receptive to any kind of healing.”
Faith in the treatment goes a long way in the healing process and some of satisfying healing sessions have been with people who walked in as skeptics went back converted, after they experienced profound healing of issues that seemed incurable. “Real healing happens when there is an internal shift, since most illnesses have an emotional root cause. People who overeat, overthink or compulsively collect things are very prone to diabetes”. “Likewise, backaches are related to financial and material issues or asthma is like the oppression of somebody or something sitting on your chest.”

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