Samî A. Latzke


Physiotherapy, Shiatsu, Massage



Healing Touch Massage (combines acupressure, energy work off&on the body plus deep tissue massage)this will be 1h;
Back treatment (called Samalin, spine correction, muscle work, cupping, energy work);
Quantum Shiatsu (Empty Touch),Shiatsu


Physiotherapist (since 1996), Healing practitioner; Shiatsu practitioner,(Quantum Shiatsu/Empty Touch, since 1999), Samalin since 2002, Teacher for Taijiquan Yang Style according to Cheng Man Ching / Patrick Kelly
 Acknowledged by the German Society for Shiatsu (GSD)
Giving seminars in Shiatsu, Touch of Healing Massage and Taijiquan, abroad as well as in Auroville.
Languages: German, English, French
 Location:  Discipline Farm
Info &Registration by mail:

Qualification Physiotherapist

Shiatsu Diploma

Thai massage certificate

Physiotherapist certificate

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