2 days NLP Workshop: Connecting with Your Inner power. 17-18 dec

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2 days NLP workshop 17-18 december-  1.30 to 4.30 pm. At Verite.

Experience the power of NLP and uncover your true potential. Achieve your goals and Photo stage 3success in life… discover a better you!

(NLP, meaning neuro-linguistic program is a tool developed by psychologists and indicated to determine the mapping of the brain and its workings.)

During these two afternoon we will learn the basics of NLP . 



The program is designed to enable participants to understand and practise the basics skills of NLP in their profession, work situations as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.
And we will learn how to set and achieve compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes, discover techniques to be resourceful and manage yourself better. Elimate limiting self talk and beliefs and reduce stress levels for a more fulfilling life

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