Sound Bath & sound massages  with Tibetan bowls and gong

For appointment contact  +919489805493

Antarjyoti, France, has been actively pursuing his spiritual path of inner growth and discovery, he settled in Auroville in 1990.

Since he 40 years he studies different musical instruments and researches the combination of  sound and spirituality. He describes it as  NADA BRAHMAN, “ the Divine in the form of sound”…

He would like to share with you sound healing  with the “magic” tibetan singing bowls, gong, tingshas and mantra. The Tibetan singing bowls he uses are cast in bronze”, creating powerful sacred sounds opening inner dimensions….

The vibrations of the bowls next to and on your body weave a kind of sound “cocoon” vibrating deep into your cells.  An inwardness is generated, a deep relaxation and well being , a dissolving of inner “knots”, an  harmonization of the energies…

Some will experience also some kind of Inner  Journey.

LANGUAGES: French, English.

LOCATION: in Auroville,  near” Solar Kitchen”

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