Watsu Basic and OBA- GOA- 25&26&27 Dec 2017-For Registration: [email protected]

A 3 DAY Intensive Learning  @ Goa (Inda)  on 25-26-27 Dec. 2017-
@blueplanet wellness retreat Agonda

WATSU® BASIC & OBA (oceanic bodywork aqua) Introduction Course with Petra Buschfeld (WABA registered teacher)

This workshop takes place at the warm water oasis at Blue Planet wellbeing centre

It combines light movement and stretching, massage and mobilisation of joints in connection with breathing and energetic work conducted both on the surface and underwater

In this Intensive Learning Retreat  an opportunity is offered for profound relaxation and letting go, building trust, being nurtured and held,expanding inner and outer boundaries, releasing emotions and traumas and ultimately freeing body and mind in a flow unique to each client and each session

A 3 DAY “Intensive Learning”  8 HOURS PER DAY

@BluePlanet wellness retreat Agonda Goa

CONTACT  :contact@auroville-holistic.com

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