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Yoga & Meditation Retreat Overview

If you are a group or an organisation, and you want we help you to organize a retreat ( Theme: Yoga, or/and Meditation/ or and/scientific Meditation/ Or Healing and Self-development ) In AUROVILLE or in SPITI VALLEY ( Himalaya- India) . You are in the GOOD PLACE. Send us a mail with your project .
Language available: English, Hindi, French

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Yoga Teacher Training 200H

Ready for the 200H Yoga Teacher Training to Deepen Your Practice- Or to emphasis your teaching. Yoga & Meditation &Philosophy,. Dive deeper into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga along with Scientific Meditation .
. this yoga teacher training program will provide you with a deep immersion into your practice with pranayama, meditation, chanting, Philosophy, contemplation and Yoga Asana.

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat – 2 weeks

Our yoga retreats make you practice gentle or hatha yoga. This program is designed for beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners. If you are advanced practitioner but want to join this non-certification program, we make special arrangements for you. The basic purpose of this program is not to earn a degree or certification in yoga or become a professional yoga instructor but to learn yoga for personal benefit and specially, to get out of stressful daily routine and spend some time in this part of the world where air breaths spirituality. Meditation and mantra chanting will fill you with peace and tranquility.

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