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All About The Training !!!

Subconscious Mind Activation…..A Super sensory Development Program (SSDP)

When the brain power increases, the sensory perception improves. When the senses improve, the ability to comprehend is heightened. The five “radars” are able to capture information from outside easily and download into the brain, hence improves learning capabilities.

Eligibility – Suitable and Ideal for kids between 5-15 years.

Duration – 12 Hours (6 Hours of Intensive training + 6 Hours follow up technique)

Something about The Training…..

SUPER SENSORY DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES are designed after years of study on human brain functioning, Neurological research and are proven successful in activating the Subconscious Mind.

Primarily it is a course where child’s and adult’s sensory perception abilities are amplified with the help of SUPER SENSORY DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES.

After the Course…..

 After The Subconscious Mind Activation training, Midbrain allows the chid to use 5 senses more the receptively along with the proper placement of information into the brain.

Effects & Benefits To CHILD

  • Increases Reading Speed
  • Increased Grasping Abilities
  • Easy Revision
  • Improves Concentration level
  • Enhanced level of Memory
  • Emotional Stability
  • Strong Confidence
  • Intellectual confidence and easy relaxation
  • Improves sensory perceptions

Super Sensory Development Program

We learn by using our senses. By upgrading the sensory perceptions, ordinary learners become smart learners and smart learners become outstanding learners.
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Brain Waves

We’ve all experienced that magical feeling of being hit with ‘the brainwave’. That moment of newfound clarity, shift in perspective or a novel idea. And typically, it seems to appear out of nowhere.
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