Dr. Sankaran and Sigrid, Goa 2015

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Classical homoeopathy

Classical homeopathy has been developed by Hahnemann 250 years ago and since then has shown its efficiency. A single homoeopathic remedy will be prescribed to restore health in its totality. Homoeopathy is holistic medicine, its particular benefits lie in the flield of chronic complaints- migraines, autoimmune diseases, hormonal as well as psychological disturbances, and it is effective in treatment of hyperactive children and of epidemics. Acute as well as chronic conditions of body and mind can be addressed.

Sankaran- Method, Sensation Method and Synergy Method

Dr. Rajan Sankaran has developed an advanced method of classical homoeopathy in the past 20 years. The intake of the case history evolved into a deeper personal inquiry backed up with a systematized analysis, called Sensation Method.

Its integration with the classical approach is termed Synergy Method.

This method implies an initial 2 hr session and regular short follow up visits.

Photo: Dr. Sankaran and Sigrid Lindemann 2015 Goa Seminar

Sigrid Lindemann is in contact with the hub of Sankarans Method, the  International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy “The Other Song” , Mumbai


Sigrid at The Other Song 2015 3      Meghna Shah and Sigrid The Other Song 3 with Meghna Shah, Dean TOS

The WISH group of international faculty of Sensation Method founded by Dr. Sankaran , photo of its foundation in 2012. Sigrid Lindemann is an active member since.



WISH Group 2012 at the Academy The other song


Sigrid Lindemann is teaching Sankarans Method in seminars for practising homeopaths as certifiedfurther trainings in Germany since 2004. Her high level trainings comprise 3 day video seminars, full fledged trainings over 15 months, and 6 days Intensives in Barcelona. Seminars certified by the DZVHAE, German association of homoeopathic doctors, and SHZ, certified homoeopathic practitioners.

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