Healing Trauma – the unseen wound 12&13 Aug 2017

Info &Registration by mail: sigrid@auroville-holistic.com

2- day Workshop on Trauma and different modalities to heal with Sigrid Lindemann

  • What is Trauma?
  • How does it influence body and mind – short- and long term?
  • What means healing trauma?
  • Working with sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Bodywork, energy medicine, trauma relief, regression work
  • Theoretical and experiential learning

Sigrid Lindemann is highly experienced in working with Trauma, with a great range of modalities, through her work with hundreds of patients and clients for 20 years.

This workshop is meant for psychologists, body therapists, counsellors, medics and paramedics!

Make a difference in approaching this highly relevant issue in your therapy room and clinic!


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